Quick Tip: Master To Do List

Create a master to-do list to track all you need to do, want to do, should do, maybe someday do. Add new ideas and tasks to this list as they come to mind then from this list move tasks into these lists: Today This week This month The rest remains on the master list...

Technology that could help your productivity

We’ve been sharing information productivity posts from IQTell.com for a while now, and here’s an exciting new announcement from them: IQTELL and Evernote – Together at Last. For those of you who are comfortable using technology to keep you on track,...

10 Tips on Changing Habits

We all have some habits – really more than we think. If asked, we can generally think of a couple bad habits, but few of us are aware of our “Work” habits. Unfortunately a lot of our work habits are related to our young adult years, college and first job experiences....
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