The Organized Conference Planner


Ignite Your Conference Experience and Maximize your ROI

Heavy stock paper for great writing surface. Pre Conference planning section, plenty of room to take notes, keep valuable information and follow up items, and place for business cards collected during the conference.


Have you ever…

  • Attended a conference to meet the ideal client or resource and before you returned home you’ve lost their information or forgot why you needed to follow up?

  • Gone to a conference/workshop/seminar with no real goals or intentions set before hand?

  • Attended a conference and obtain great information for it to end up in the tote bag under your desk or in the closet?

This great new conference planner will help you ignite your conference experience and maximize your ROI.

Unlike traditional planners, other workbooks and note-taking products, “The Organized Conference PlannerTM” is designed specifically to be the best friend of anyone attending a conference.  With almost 40 pages’ worth of valuable structures and information to guide the conference attendee along the road to maximum benefit, this handy little planner is all anyone needs to get the most out of a weekend or even day-long conference or workshop.

  • Create a game plan to execute your intentions while at the conference

  • Schedule your daily sessions and activities

  • Record business opportunities, make follow up notes and action plan to follow up

  • Keep Aha moments, great ideas, and make action steps so you are prepared when you return to the daily grind

  • Note Introductions and referral information

  • Place to jot resource information, websites, books, products

  • Pocket to hold business cards

  • Give your one great place to keep everything to make your conference experience a great one.


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