Less than 30% of businesses turn a profit.

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Purchase the Miracle Money Method Virtual Class

For only $297 (reg. $497!), the Virtual Class gives you access to the tools you need to implement this system for increasing profits, paying yourself first, and creating a solid foundation for a financially healthy business that grows strong and stands the test of time.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Method.
  • Creating Your Goals & Starting Percentages
  • Disbursements
  • Debt Destruction
  • Struggles and Challenges
  • Continuing the Process

Or Get Personalized Help for Your Specific Business With Miracle Money Method Private Coaching

With Miracle Money Method Private coaching, you'll get the one-on-one attention you need to get your business on track - FAST! Cathy will not only help you understand the system, she'll help you implement it and guide you through any struggles or challenges you might face along the way.

Earn More. Keep More. Get Real Results.

  • Set Up 5 Bank Accounts

    Learn the strategy for setting up bank accounts for each part of your business to make the most of your revenue stream

  • Learn the Numbers

    Learn how to get your numbers together and use smaller plates to see immediate profits and healthy growth for your business

  • Destroy Debt

    Learn how to eliminate profit-eating expenses so you’re only paying for the things that truly benefit your business

  • Pay Yourself More

    Start paying yourself what you deserve and watch your business THRIVE at the same time!

What's Included in the virtual Profit Success Program?

  • 1 PRIVATE, PERSONALIZED call with Cathy to discuss your unique business
  • 6 recorded sessions that outline the Miracle Money Method and give you the tools to implement the system
  • Unlimited Email access to Cathy throughout program


Get Cathy's exclusive personal Profit Maximizer ToolTM to make your allocations and adjustments easier to do.  $199 value

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident the Miracle Money Method will help you build a financially solid business, I’m offering a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t seeing profits and satisfied with the results after completing the sessions and implementing the Miracle Money Method for 60 days, I will fully refund your money.