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Have you ever had a workload that felt insurmountable?

Have you started out your day with so much to accomplish that it seemed impossible to get it all done?

It’s common and most people have experienced those things. A few years ago, Cathy Sexton found herself in this endless cycle, with a perpetually increasing workload. At first, she started arriving at work a little earlier to try and catch up. This tactic seemed to work for a while, until Cathy found herself starting earlier and earlier, but still not getting it all done. Then, she would add extra hours to the end of the day. Cathy was starting earlier and ending later than anyone else that worked with her. Instead of working smarter, Cathy was working harder and putting in longer hours. In return, she became frustrated, stressed, and was still unable to catch up with all of her work.

After all was said and done, Cathy was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that was triggered by her stress. She ultimately realized that if she did not make changes, her daughter would grow up without a mother and her husband would lose his wife. Cathy had to take a stand.

One day, Cathy decided to reassess her work life and make serious changes to how she was spending her time. Cathy realized that her work was the immediate factor to her health issues.

The next step was to take responsibility. Cathy had to admit she was the only person who could change her situation and habits.

Habits are difficult to change, but they CAN be changed. The goal in changing a habit is to replace an unproductive routine with a productive one. After Cathy recognized her bad work habits, she started reading, attending seminars, and working with a professional to get her started in the right direction. Cathy learned to organize her workload, increase her focus on the project at hand, and delegate some of the overwhelming workload in order decrease the stress in her life. Here it began to change.

Cathy Sexton has been a productivity strategist and coach since 2003. She owns and operates The Productivity Experts, offering organizing and productivity skill training to business leaders, individuals and work groups. Whether seeking to improve their work environment, grow their business, advance their career, spend more time with family and friends or just reduce daily pressures, The Productivity Experts help clients accomplish more with less effort and less stress, saving them time, money and energy.

Cathy’s passion and desire to help others comes from her own personal experience of being a recovering workaholic forced to deal with a stress-induced, life-threatening illness. Knowing that she had to find a better way to work, Cathy is now devoted, passionate and committed to helping others have a more productive life without risking serious health issues, job burnout, toxic stress or missing out on time with family and friends.

Cathy is a co-author of 3 books “7 Points of Impact, “Focus, Organization and Productivity,” and “Exploring Productivity.” These books provide ideas and resources for improving success in the workplace.

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