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Productivity and profit don’t just happen. It takes intentional choices and actions. It also takes support.

Productivity Coaching offers stressedpreneurs the tools and support they need to work smarter, not harder. Productivity Coach Cathy Sexton will help you drill down to what really matters in your life and business, clarify where you want to go and how you will get there, and prioritize projects and tasks that keep you moving toward your financial and business goals.

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Cathy’s years of experience and unique, comprehensive approach will streamline your business for the success you’ve always dreamed of.

The Benefits of Productivity Coaching

  • Save time, energy, and money
  • Take control over your time
  • Get focused on the right things – so you can work smarter, get more done, and make more money
  • Prioritize the tasks and activities that truly benefit your business
  • Boost momentum and reduce procrastination
  • Learn to delegate effectively, so you can spend more time doing what you love and do best… AND have more time for the people and things you love outside of work
  • Get the tools, support, and structure you need to consistently get the results you desire

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Productivity coaching can give you the motivation and support required to unlock your full potential: greater success, more money, better relationships and more time to do what you love doing!  


What We Can Do For You

  • Feeling stressed, frustrated, and stagnant?
  • Overwhelmed with too much to do – and no time to do it – and wish you had more time to do what you love?
  • Wearing too many hats and know you need to offload work, but aren’t sure where to start or who to hand it off to?
  • Need a shot of motivation, or a new perspective, to get on track and take your business to a healthier place?

If running your business has you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated as a business owner, it doesn’t have to be that way. Often, some simple, common-sense tweaks are all it takes to ease the stress and get you moving in the right direction. Customized Productivity Coaching can be just the Prescription for Success you need! Cathy Sexton can help you diagnose what’s working and what’s not, AND help you implement the right solutions for your specific business.

Productivity Coaching with Cathy


Cathy offers a number of personalized, 1-on-1 coaching options to help you Expand Your Capacity to get it all done in less time, with less stress, and get focused on the right things, so you will be more productive and your business will grow stable and strong.

Increasing Profits, Pay, and Peace of Mind


Instability on the financial side of your business  creates a lot of unnecessary worry and stress. The Miracle Money Method is a virtual program that will build a strong financial foundation for your business and ease the worry and stress unstable finances can bring.


Service Packages

Cathy’s customized Productivity Coaching Programs bring meaningful, lasting changes in performance and productivity through coaching and support. With each level of 1-on-1 productivity coaching you will get:


  • A game plan with specific goals and deadlines to produce the results you desire – tailored to your business
  • Simple, effective tools designed specifically to fit your “Natural Productivity Style”
  • Coaching and support to help you continuously improve your results
  • The joy of having complete control of your work environment and calming the chaos running a business can bring

 Pay in full and save, or choose monthly payments


Performance Enhancement

This 3 month, customized coaching program is designed for people who have specific performance and productivity goals they want to achieve. This program will provide the tools, support, and “tweaks” you need to achieve those goals.


  • Online “Productivity Assessment”
  • 45-minute intro session to review assessments
  • 13 weekly – 1-hour coaching sessions

Peak Performer

This 6 month, customized coaching is designed for people who want to dramatically increase their productivity and get the support they need to develop the habit of using their new productivity tools – tools designed specifically to fit their natural style. The additional three months will not only give you a chance to create long lasting habits, it will also give you the support needed for working through the daily routine of constant changes in your work and life environment.


  • Online “Productivity Assessment”
  • 45-minute intro session to review assessments
  • 13 weekly – 1-hour coaching sessions
  • 3 months of semi-weekly coaching sessions

Performance Mastery

This 12-month, goal-specific coaching package is designed for those who understand that creating exceptional results in the short-term isn’t enough. Those results have to be sustained over the long term for lasting growth and success. The Performance Mastery Coaching will give you those consistent, exceptional results. Starting with an assessment of what’s working and what’s not, Cathy will help you identify those pieces that need to be addressed immediately, clarify your vision for the future – for both you and your business, help you prioritize and get focused on the RIGHT things that will bring that vision into reality, guide and support you through the year to troubleshoot any challenges that arise, and leave you feeling strong and confident moving forward.


  • Online “Productivity Assessment”
  • 45-minute intro session to review assessments
  • 13 weekly – 1-hour coaching sessions
  • 6 months of semi-weekly coaching sessions
  • 3 months of monthly coaching sessions

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