Doing what you love but wondering if it’s all worth it?


Are you ready for regular owner’s pay, profit, and financial peace of mind?



If you answered YES to either of those questions, then it’s time to get a handle on the financial side of your business, increase profitability and position your business to be financially healthy and strong!

You want to grow your business. You want to be paid for all your hard work, time and energy. You want your personal financial health and wealth to improve as your business grows – and it should!

But, somehow, even as your revenues increase, expenses always seem to increase at an equal pace. This creates a vicious cycle of sell-spend-panic that never allows you to get ahead – or pay yourself what you deserve from the increasing revenues.

It’s so important to build a solid financial foundation for your business as it grows! After all, what good is having a growing business if you’re not able to pay yourself what you deserve? And what good is growing your business if it’s a house of cards that could crumble with a couple months of rough sales?


No matter how much money you have coming in, if you’re only focused on revenue and growth and caught up in the sell-spend-panic cycle, you may not to have much to show for your “bigger” business and all your hard work.


The traditional model of growing your business is an outdated trap that will keep you focused more on revenues than profits. Scrambling to bring in more sales to cover the rising expenses creates a stressful cycle of feeling like you’re just surviving month-to-month and deposit-to-deposit. The idea that you have to spend money to make money can also be a trap that buries business owners deeper and deeper in debt. Chances are that isn’t what you imagined when you started your business and decided to pursue your dreams. The good news is… it doesn’t have to be that way and it’s never too late to shift from surviving to financially healthy and thriving!

It’s time to consider a new way of thinking, managing your business finances, and doing business – one that will get you focused on profit and, at the same time, tame the cash-eating monster that’s currently killing your profits. The Miracle Money Method flips the traditional accounting model that keeps entrepreneurs struggling and juggling check-to-check and panic-to-panic. Stop worrying about the size of your business and get focused on the financial health of your business!


The Miracle Money Method can take your business from merely surviving to profitable and thriving – FAST!


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As a Profit Coach, Cathy is trained and certified to guide you through creating and sustaining a profitable business. She transforms businesses and lives utilizing the Miracle Money Method for maximizing profits.

Cathy doesn’t just teach you how to make more money, she is an experienced coach who can help you navigate all the daily challenges of running your business in terms of both productivity and profitability – with the goal of helping you become wildly successful and profitable, while still having time to enjoy the other important things in your life too.


Learn How to:

  • Be prepared for periods of financial drought.
  • End the check-to-check cycle and become instantly profitable.
  • Take control of your financial health and success.
  • Stop being a slave to the business you launched and grew.
  • Tame the cash-eating monster your business has become.
  • Make CHOICES regarding expenses based on what’s available after YOU’VE been paid what you deserve.
  • Shift the “top line” (revenue focused) methodology that keeps you scrambling month-to-month.
  • Enjoy the freedom you set out to find when you decided to start your own business.


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business or how large or small your business is… The Miracle Money Method can help!


This simple, easy-to-implement program gives you the tools, systems, and structure you need to get a handle on managing the financial side of your business – helping you realize the success you imagined when you started out. And it works for EVERY business!

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and make today the day you become financially healthy, wealthy and wise. Start living the dream with The Miracle Money Method and stop being a slave to the business you launched, invested your time, talent and money in, and grew.

With The Miracle Money Method you will:

  • Tame the cash-eating monster your business has become.
  • Take control of your financial health and success.
  • End the “living check-to-check” cycle and become instantly profitable.
  • Shift the “top line” (revenue focused), frantic sell-sell-sell!! methodology that keeps you scrambling and panicking month to month.
  • Make conscious CHOICES regarding expenses based on what’s leftover after YOU’VE been paid what you deserve – and get them under control.
  • Experience the satisfaction of knowing your business isn’t just growing, it’s healthy, sustainable and strong.

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