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  • Be More Organized = Improve Your Work Environment
  • Be on Top of Projects and Deadlines = Advance Your Career
  • Accomplish More with Less Effort = Grow Your Business / Make More Money
  • Spend More Time With Family & Friends
  • Increase Time = To Do What You Love


  • Reduce Stress, Frustration or That Overwhelmed Feeling of too much To-Do, without enough time
In today’s world, we have more on our plates than ever before (and more coming in faster and faster). Many professionals tell me they want to make better use of their time, their tools and their energy. They want to focus on their priorities, filter the distractions, accomplish their tasks and balance their lives. Today’s busy professionals spend more than half of their workdays managing meeting requests, dodging distractions (both human and technological), coping with multiple communication channels (email, instant messaging, texting, phone calls…), and shoveling out from information overload. It’s no surprise that these busy professionals often say they don’t know where to begin in the quest for better personal productivity. There is no magic bullet….but your team CAN start playing at the top of their game by taking better control of their lives and their workdays. They’ll be grateful when they discover how to use simple, yet powerful techniques, tips and shortcuts that are easy to implement immediately. If your members arrive ready to accomplish more of what matters to them, with less effort and less stress, they’ll welcome a presenter who can give them the tools they need to stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. They’ll come away inspired and informed, looking forward to the satisfaction of working smarter. Cathy’s  topics are customized to fit your time frame and address your specific audience’s needs. Training programs are available for executives, business owners, managers, staff, associations, members or groups wanting to increase their focus, organization and productivity. These programs offer practical solutions with take-away value that attendees can begin using immediately in their personal and professional lives. Discover the secret of being Focused, Organized, and Productive. Practical tips, techniques and tools help to reduce the frustration caused from handling physical, digital and mental clutter.

There is NO better investment you can make than in yourself or your staff! Especially when it allows you to reduce stress and gain back control over Time, Money and Energy. All of Cathy’s presentations feature time-tested productivity principles and best practices.

Workplace Productivity Enhancement Series: How do you create an environment that empowers employees and increases workplace productivity?

Productivity Training Solutions – On-site and online

Workplace Productivity:

  • Time Management for Peak Performance
  • I.G.N.I.T.E. Your Productivity and Accelerate Results
  • Email Overrunning Your Day? Learn how to dig yourself out and stay on top
  • Meetings Maximized – Creating efficient, effective and successful meetings
  • Creating Powerful Teams: IGNITE your team for peak performance – Improve environment, performance and profits!
  • Are You A Procrastination Pro?

Life – Personal & Professional

  • Mindset Change – Accelerate Your Results! Discover the ultimate mental advantage to reach your success
  • Leveling Out the Scales of Life and Work Imbalance – Reduce stress and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.
  • Organizing Your Mind and Your Desk for S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
  • Busting the Clutter – Organizing Where Do I Start? (Home / Work)
  • Goal Setting – Have a dream? Let’s make it come true!
  • Personal Budgeting and Planning

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  • Revealing Secret Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Which Hat Am I Wearing Today?
  • Transform the Profit Side of Your Business – A totally different look at Budget & Profits

Software Training

  • Outlook – Start Controlling Your Day Instead of It Controlling You
  • QuickBooks – Set Up, New employee training, Increase Efficiency for current users, Process improvement ETC.

Online Training Series

Note – All topics available in online training form

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