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Cathy Sexton has developed programs to help executives, business owners, managers, staff, associations, and other group members increase their focus, organization skills and productivity in all aspects of their lives. In addition, drawing from her 30+ years of expertise in accounting, she also teaches business owners how to Future Proof their businesses to thrive in any economy. Through audience participation and real-life examples, each presentation offers practical tips, techniques and tools that can be implemented immediately.

Keynotes, Programs, and Presentations:

Breaking Through the Roadblocks of Productivity™

We all have a lot to accomplish each day, and there are only so many hours in a day to get things done. As we’re running the race against time to get it all done, healthy habits, beliefs, and behaviors are at the heart of our ability to be productive and create a balanced life. This program will help Jump Start Productivity for anyone who is tired of feeling busy but unproductive.

Discover ways to break through these five major Productivity Roadblocks.

  • Mindset
  • Planning
  • Prioritization
  • Focus
  • Energy

Future Proof Your Business™

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, profit is the lifeblood, both professionally and personally. We need it to survive, but more importantly we need it to thrive and live the life we desire. Imagine having the Power to guarantee profitability and get paid what you’re worth! Start making the profit you deserve rather than merely surviving on the scraps after everyone else is paid! With this program, you will…

  • Analyze secret ingredients that are essential for every business owner to increase profit immediately
  • Discover the profoundly simple, yet effective, accounting strategy that will transform the way you allocate your money to generate increased profit.
  • Learn how to stop living check-to-check and deposit-to-deposit and make your business financially healthy and strong.


I.G.N.I.T.E. Productivity & Accelerate Results™

Are you ready to significantly improve your productivity? Do you want to accomplish more in less time and with less effort? It’s time to reduce the frustration and overwhelm and maximize your time and energy! This proven 6-step process examines the way you work and identifies areas where you can implement productivity principles that leverage your Natural Productivity Style™.

  • Regain clarity and focus
  • Learn to take back control over your day
  • Discover the importance of your “Natural Productivity Style” and how to work within it
  • Explore the DNA technique to boost productivity

Is Focusing Hurting Your Productivity?

We all know we need to stay focused to be productive and accomplish what we want to get done. What most people don’t realize is that focus needs to be used strategically in order for it to be effective and bring results. It can be hard to get or stay focused, and it’s sometimes even harder to harness the full power of focus. Focusing too hard can negatively affect productivity. Focusing on the wrong things can also keep you from getting the results you desire.  Join Cathy as she reveals a new way to view and use focus as a tool to start getting better results.


  • Discover the difference between direct and indirect focusing.
  • Explore the 3 key elements of a focus plan.
  • Learn the “R” process in creating new habits that support effective focus.
  • Explore how to create a process and system that works for you personally.

Conquering the Challenges

Life happens while we’re trying to run a business, and the challenges we face – both professionally and personally – have an impact on our ability to achieve the success we strive for. As entrepreneurs, we try to do it all and have it all. But is that possible?

In this powerful, high impact program, Cathy highlights key challenges business owners face and how to not only survive, but grow, learn, and thrive through the challenges. Topics covered include:


  • Working hard vs working smart
  • Maximizing your strengths and minimizing weaknesses
  • Thriving in spite of constant change
  • Balancing business goals with personal life

5 Keys to LIFE Management

Strategies for Creating Some Balance Between Work & Life… S.P.E.E.D. Up to Slow Down. 

The issue of work-life balance is becoming more important every day, and it will continue as technology and social media keeps us more connected. Want increased productivity, reduced stress, and to live a healthier, more fulfilling life with greater success? It’s time to discover S.P.E.E.D. and the 5 keys of LIFE management.


  • Self-Care
  • Protecting Your Time
  • Energy
  • Execution
  • Dump It

Mindset Makeover: Remove the Barriers to Mastering Your Success

Did you know you have access to a powerful tool that can help you attract the success you want faster and easier than ever before? The power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. And changing even the simplest of them can have a HUGE impact on our ability to succeed in business and in life. Having skills, information, education and experience to excel is crucial to your success. Even more important is removing the barriers that hold us back!  Join Cathy as she awakens your thoughts, helps you explore and identify your barriers, and gives you strategies for overcoming barriers, so you can begin living the life you have always dreamed of.

About Cathy Sexton:    As a Productivity and Profit Expert, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, TV host and Author, Cathy Sexton helps individuals and organizations I.G.N.I.T.E. productivity and accelerate results by leveraging their Natural Productivity Style. Drawing from her over 30 years of expertise in business accounting, she also helps business owners create a strong, financially healthy business that fuels their dreams for the future. Cathy delivers her high-impact productivity and profit principles through speaking, training, one-on-one coaching, and online resources, empowering all to achieve their life and business goals.

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Cathy Sexton, Productivity Expert and Profit Specialist

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