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Cathy founded The Productivity Experts in 2003 after winning her own battle with workaholism and a stress-induced life threatening illness. Cathy is committed to helping people accomplish more, with less stress. Professionals can now advance their careers, avoid burnout and spend more quality time with their family and personal lives.

Cathy’s powerful processes are taught through her seminars and her unique I.G.N.I.T.E. programs. Attendees and participants learn how to take control of their thoughts, processes and tools to achieve better results, faster. Cathy is available for Keynote, breakout sessions, workshops, lunch & learns, programs for groups, associations and organizations.

How to Save Time on Social Media Management

How to Save Time on Social Media Management

Social Media is something most everyone need to do, but not many have the time to do. Sure, you can go hire someone to do all of your social media tasks, but that might cost an arm and a leg. Surprisingly, there are easier ways to get your social media platforms progressing without spending hours… Continue Reading

How Taking Action Leads To Success

We dream of success but few really take the action needed to achieve the success they really want.  Think about it its people that take action to reach their goals that truly succeed in life. It can be overwhelming to take on, but when you start out simple and start taking action, anything is achievable.… Continue Reading

5 Remarkably Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress

5 Remarkably Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress

When it comes to stress, we modern humans do it like no other. Stress has become more of a factor in the last several decades when it comes to poor health, compromised sleep, and a diminished quality of life. If you’re here, you’re no doubt looking for ways to help manage your stress. The good… Continue Reading

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