Guest Content Policy, Guidelines, and Requirements
for The Productivity Experts

Thank you for your interest in submitting guest content for The Productivity Experts. We have a policy in place for content contribution requests, so please read through our policy guidelines and requirements to determine if you would like to move forward.

First, due to the high volume of content contribution requests we receive, there is a $75 charge for us to review any content you would like to submit. Please note, however, that our review of your proposed content does not guarantee it will be posted on our site or used in any way. The final decision to use or not use your content will be based on whether or not we feel the piece you have submitted is a good fit for our audience AND meets all of the following criteria.

~ Must be original, high-quality writing

~ Must be a resource that provides value to help small business owners and entrepreneurs

~ Must directly address one of the following topics: productivity, profit, mindset, self-care, systems and processes, or challenges business owners face and how they can overcome them

~ Your article must not include any links to direct competitors of The Productivity Experts or non-related subjects/products.

~ All links you use within the body of the text will be vetted for relevance to the topic.

~ All links in the article must be clearly visible with full URLs placed within the body of the article – separated with [ ] at the spot where you would like the link to be attached.


Incorrect: Take the time to explore your Natural Productivity Style as part of your effort to manage obstacles and challenges in a more objective way.

Correct: Take the time to explore your Natural Productivity Style [ https://theproductivityexperts.com/natural-productivity-style-2/ ] as part of your effort to manage obstacles and challenges in a more objective way.

**Please note, we will not click through hidden links to vet them. Hidden links present a security risk on our end. If your submission includes links that are not clearly visible, your submission will be automatically removed from consideration.

~ If we do not feel your submitted content meets the requirements for use on our site but determine your content could be valuable to our audience, we will consider posting the piece on social media with your information intact. *Please note your content could be shared right away (based on its timeliness) or it could be weeks or months before your content is used on social media, since we typically plan our social media posts months in advance.

Finally, we will only respond back if and when it is posted on our site or used on social media. If you do not hear back from us, we have decided your content did not meet the criteria above for some reason.


If you are comfortable with these policy guidelines and requirements, and willing to follow them, please feel free to submit your article.

Here is the link where you can pay the $75 fee for us to review your content. We will receive a notification once you have paid.


And here is the link to the submission form, in case you are not automatically redirected to the form after you have paid the submission fee.


Again, thank you for your interest in contributing content to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed.