The Productivity Habit:
A 10-Week Journal to Become More Productive

Healthy habits, beliefs, and behaviors are at the heart of productivity and creating a balanced, productive life. They are the foundation for successfully juggling and balancing it all, but there can be roadblocks that prevent you from having that solid foundation to work from. That is what The Productivity Habit: A 10-week Journal to Become More Productive is designed to help with.

More than just another journal or planner, this resource combines insight and proven tools – from my over 16 years of helping others IGNITE their performance and results – to help you build a solid foundation for productivity that is personal and to you and your specific situation. Turning your insight into action will have you getting the results like never before.

The Productivity Habit Journal to Become More Productive


As you work through the journal, you will:

  • Be more focused on what really matters, which will help you set and achieve goals in your life and business
  • Identify what you value most and learn to use those values to set goals
  • Have more clarity on what you truly want and why, as well as what’s currently working and what’s not
  • Understand how your personality traits affect your productivity
  • Uncover ingrained habits, understand how they may be holding you back, and brainstorm new ways of doing things
  • Create the healthy productivity habits you need to reach your goals
  • Learn to celebrate successes – big and small

And so much more!

So, join this revolutionary way of thinking about productivity and put the power of healthy habits, beliefs, and behaviors to work in your life and business.