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How to Be Productive and Thrive While Working Remotely

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How is working from home different?

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. What are they and how do you overcome them?

How can you bring organization and efficiency to your work day?

Being organized will increase efficiency and help you get more done, in less time, with less stress.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW Remote-Working Champion – YOU

Whether this is the first time you’ve worked from home, or you’ve been doing it for years, there are strategies you can put in place to create the environment for increased productivity, a more efficient work-from-home experience, and better results.

What do you need to do your best work?

What distractions might you face and how can you reduce them?

What tools should you invest in to help you work more efficiently?

How do you draw boundaries between work and personal time when working from home?

How can you manage the stress of juggling personal and professional priorities?

Set Expectations

Prevent Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness

Stress Management

Self Care

Did you know you have a Natural Productivity Style?

We all do, and understanding your Natural Productivity Style will boost your performance in ways you never imagined.


What is Natural Productivity Style?

There is no one way of doing things that works for everybody, because we’re each just a little different. Your Natural Productivity Style is how you work best, based on your individual temperament and traits.

What are the benefits of knowing my Natural Productivity Style?

When you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and how you work best, you can find solutions for improving your performance that fit with your style.

What will I learn from the Natural Productivity Style Assessment?

Your Natural Productivity Style assessment will reveal:

What really motivates you and keeps that internal motivation going for you?

How do you view and use your time?

How you approach opportunities and make decisions

How you manage projects and deadlines

How you handle confrontations or difficult situations

The type of environment you need to do your best work

Whether you work best on a collaborative team or prefer working alone – and how you can adapt when you need to work outside your comfort zone

How you communicate best

All of these things impact your productivity. The knowledge you gain from insight into these areas will be life changing!

How will the insights I gain help me improve my productivity and reduce stress?

Once you’ve taken the assessment, you will receive a written report, which you will then go over with Cathy. Cathy will help you understand what the results mean, how your specific traits and preferences impact what you do every day, and how you can make shifts in how you’re currently doing things to fit your natural style better. 

About Cathy and The Productivity Experts

Are you a Stressedpreneur who is Underpaid, Overwhelmed, and Overworked… with little to show for all your effort? It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can go from Stressed and Struggling to Revitalized and Flourishing when Productivity and Profit Expert Cathy Sexton brings clarity, focus, and efficiency to your life, business, and business finances.

For business owners struggling with productivity and profitability, Cathy offers proven strategies, systems, and solutions. As a Certified Productivity Trainer and Certified Life Style Design Coach, Cathy brings a unique, comprehensive approach to complex situations. Add in her 30+ years of experience in accounting – and expertise as a Profit Specialist – and Cathy is truly THE partner in productivity and profitability your small business needs to succeed.

Additional Resources

Visit the De-Stress Zone for Free Stress-Reducing Strategies and Tips

We all have stress in our lives sometimes. Learning how to recognize and manage it is key to finding peace of mind through challenges and changes. 

Productivity Books

These productivity books will give you what you need to become more productive and keep that productivity going.

The Productivity Journal

Create Better Productivity Habits

The Productivity Habit Journal is a powerful way to explore your habits and make some changes, so you can move forward with intentional actions and start getting the results you desire.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Embrace the Challenges. Reward Yourself For a Job Well Done.

Go for the win with healthy productivity habits


Whether you’re a business owner, professional or fast-track leader, you’ve got more ideas than hours in the day to implement. Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert, is your solution to this problem. 

Cathy’s tips and tools have saved me countless hours over the years. More importantly, Cathy crafts solutions that are tailored to your personal style. She understands that we’re not likely to implement solutions that are awkward or uncomfortable and she’s all about results. 

If you’d like to use the one irreplaceable resource, time, more effectively, contact Cathy.

Dale Furtwengler

Author of Lead a Life of CONFIDENCE

Cathy is a natural at coaching. She is not just highly intelligent with what she does, she is also intuitive. She was seriously born to do this! She has changed our lives both in business and personally. From A-Z she has transformed us to the next level in our business and we look forward to continuing our business growth with her. I would “definitely” highly recommend her to every business professional I know. And I do!!! 

Patricia Isringhaus


I signed up with Cathy for 8 sessions over a couple of months and it was incredible. She helped me so much to get organized by setting up “programs” that are specifically catered to me to ensure success.  She is very hands on, which I needed, helping me so much get my Outlook set up and shortcuts.  In addition, her other “programs” helped me get clearer about my priorities and to stay focused.  Most of all she is a great support system and very motivating. Many times when I get off the phone with her I feel refocused or clearer and motivated.  Just a great person to work!!!

Linda Brady

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