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Home Study Program


Ignite Your Productivity Performance Home Study Program

  • Tips and Strategies to implement taking action on a consistent basis
  • Evaluating what’s working? What’s not working?
  • Easy time management skills
  • Discover how to getting organized with ease


80 page workbook

7+ hours of multi media

ONLY $349 ($582 value)

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Ignite Your Performance:23 Productivity Strategies for Getting Things Done ebook  $9.95[wp_cart:ebook :price:9.95:end] 
Ignite Your Conference Experience and Maximize Your ROI
Ignite Your Conference Experience and Maximize your ROI
“The Organized Conference Planner” – Any Conference $29.95 Heavy stock paper for great writing surface. Pre Conference planning section, plenty of room to take notes, keep valuable information and follow up items, and place for business cards collected during the conference.
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  • Daily T.I.P.S. To-Do List/Mouse Pad
  • Ignite Your Performance with daily To-Do list mouse pad
  • Have your To-Do list at your Finger Tips
  • Get more done with this time management improvement tool
(1) Note/Mouse Pad $5.50 [wp_cart:Daily T.I.P.S To-Do List/Mouse Pad:price:5.50:end] (3) Note/Mouse Pads Pack  $14.85 [wp_cart:Daily T.I.P.S To-Do List/Mouse Pad (3):price:14.85:end] (5) Note/Mouse Pads  Pack  $23.35 [wp_cart:Daily T.I.P.S To-Do List/Mouse Pad(5):price:23.35:end] (10) Note/Mouse Pads Pack  $41.25 [wp_cart:Daily T.I.P.S To-Do List/Mouse Pad(10):price:41.25:end]

Productivity Improvement Books


Improving Productivity in the workplace
Exploring Productivity Book: $12.95 Improve your productivity with time management and organizing tips[wp_cart:Exploring Productivity Book:price:12.95:end]
Get more done improve focus, organization and productivityFocus Organization Productivity Book: $12.95 Increase time focus and improve productivity [wp_cart:Focus Organization Productivity Book:price:12.95:end]
Productivity Books|Cathy Sexton

Improve your workplace productivity, time management and organization

Both Productivity Books $22.15

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Organizing audio
Declutter, get organized and get more done
How & Why of Organizing Audio CD$15.95 [wp_cart:How & Why of Organizing Audio CD:price:15.95:end]
How & Why of Organizing MP3$10.95[wp_cart:How & Why of Organizing MP3:price:10.95:end] Save! Combo Package

Productivity combo package

Increase Your Productivity with To-Do list, Books & Audio

Note Pad, Both Books & Audio CD $44.98

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