Email email email

1. I resolve to stop responding to messages right when they come in.
Tip: Disconnect your “ding” and increase your send/receive interval to 30 minutes to reduce e-mail distractions.
2. I resolve to do time blocking with my email.
Tip: Schedule two or three times a day to read & process e-mail.
3. I resolve to stop participating in long, back and forth e-mail discussions.
Tip: Just say no to e-mail “chains” and schedule more live conversations.
4. I resolve to stop maxing out my e-mail box.
Tip: Designate ongoing, low priority e-mail —newsletters, vendor promos, etc. for automatic routing to folders you can check later.
5. I resolve to stop writing “long winded” messages.
Tip: People don’t read e-mails —they scan them — so split the body of your e-mail into sections.
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For more e-mail resolutions, check the blog again soon!