Office Clean Out Day
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Did you know that 80% of what we file never gets looked at a second time? Take a minute and think about all the file cabinets, storage rooms and boxes filled with paper and stuff that may be around your office. Even if these things are being used and are needed, can you ever find what you’re looking for? How many times does something have to be recreated because it is nowhere to be found?

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Maybe it’s time for an office clean out day! By making it a companywide project, it is more fun and more efficient if many people clean and reorganize together. An organized Clean-Out frees up storage space, save the company money and saves employees time. So if you think a office clean out day is in your future, look at this step by step plan:

1. Assign one person to coordinate the day. Choose someone who has good rapport with the staff and is proficient at organizing events.

2. Plan Ahead! Think of possible dates for the event. Keep in mind that you need to talk with your waste management service at least one month’s notice to reserve the recycling carts and request extra service.