Quick Tip: Make time to organize!

I hear all the time “I need to get organized but I don’t have the time.” The less time you have the more you will benefit from taking the time to “Get Organized.” You do not need to block off days at a time to get organized. Doing the...

Quick Tip: Turn off your technology!

Do you have a big deadline coming up? Extra projects on your plate? Or, do you seem to get distracted by constant emails and phone calls? Turn off your technology during your high-energy time. Pinpoint the time of day when you are at your freshest and remove all...

To toss, scan, or file?

Are you ready to go paperless, or are the thoughts of all those files overwhelming? Instead of scanning all your files, use your energy purging files. Get yourself a good shredder and get ready to purge.  Items to shred: ATM and bank deposit receipts. Shred them...
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