Work Life Balance

Are you ready for a better work-life balance?

Every year, we vow to make changes. Do more, do less.  Save more, spend less. Eat right, eat less.  More family time, less work.  We all want a fair work life balance.  We want to continue family bonds and traditions. However, it is hard to keep those relationships with the demands at work.  The eight hour work day is usually extended, and the phrase “9 to 5” is just that, a phrase.  The extended day is the new normal, and we have to figure out how to maneuver our lives around it.

Here are four ways to achieve a better work life balance:

Say no to extra work.

It is great to help out at work.  Your office is more than likely the better for it.  But does it always have to be you?  When asked to do extra work, you have to ask yourself if it’s going to compromise the family time you so desire. Give a “soft no” by stating the projects you currently have and how you do not want to compromise the new project. Offer to help when necessary but step back from the lead.

Work smarter, not harder.

Use your time wisely and prioritize your day.  Get those super important items on the forefront.  The items that are quick and easy can be given a designated time.  For example, if you have five files that will only take an hour to put out, use your early morning time to get them contained.  You can then use the remainder of your day to focus on those critical projects. You will be more productive without the little hassles that are easily handled early in the day.

Put technology down.

Focus your complete attention on your family when you’re with them. Turn off all your electronic gadgets – your computer, cell phone, and tablet. You cannot give your family YOU if you are shuffling through email trying to avert tomorrow’s crisis at work.  Be there with them, in the moment.  Avoid new age distractions.

Use paid time off.

You have earned paid time off.  Use it.  It may be the culture at our office to not take time off.  With all the great projects you are working on so well and the help you are giving to those with extra work, no one will think twice about your absence.  It is best to use it at off peak times. Your family will appreciate you for taking time away from work for them. You will return to work feeling refreshed and ready to conquer new projects.

It can be hard to achieve a work-life balance.  Some believe that it does not exist, but if you plan your day right, you can attain a better well-being. Your work day will thrive with productivity and your family relationships will flourish because of the change you decided to make on their behalf.  A happy worker who gets to enjoy his or her family is a productive worker.


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