Eliminate stress by finding out how you work best!

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Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything.

You find yourself lying on the couch, not even budging to get something to drink.  Staring at your TV becomes a habit and zapping between channels gives you a sense of purpose. When you sit next to the computer you start to browse aimlessly through hundreds of very demotivational pictures and you read a blog or two in a desperate effort “to do something”.

…it seems that your day will be over soon, but you know that once you’ll go to bed, sleep won’t come easy, guilt prevents you from getting your required shuteye.

Nobody starts lazy, but once you’re in the “laziness loop”, you need to disrupt your routine in a way that will kick you back on track…there are some methods that can help you immediately:

#1 Don’t have enough power? Maybe you need to sleep more!

Hmmm, sleep; it’s what got you in trouble in the first place, I know…

But when you get 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis, your sleep gives you strength…Ask yourself this, when was the last time you slept 8 hours a day for 7 consecutive days?

If the answer is never, then rejoice! You’re laziness problem can be mitigated with more sleep!

#2 Change your language – and I don’t mean start speaking Japanese!

When you’re lazy you find yourself talking a lot…to yourself.

What is the language that you use when you’re talking to yourself? Are you using “I think I can”? or “I will”…When you use positive affirmations you usually feel the difference instantly, instead of “I need to do the laundry” say “I will do the laundry” and you’ll get it done.

The same goes to should, could and would. Using that vocabulary suggests to your inner procrastinator that there are other options – you’ll end up postponing, neglecting and not meeting your commitments.  In your mind they are “Should-Do’s” not “To-Dos“.

#3 Announce it and get the ball rolling.

All you need to do to get a ball rolling is a little nudge in the right direction.  When finding yourself paralyzed and unable to perform a task that you know can be done, publicly committing to it will push you to start.

Share it with someone.  That someone can be a colleague, other students, you’re family or even a public blog post – The commitment must be public and meaningful.

# 4 Feeling Guilt because you’re lazy? Feeling lazy because you’re depressed? It’s a vicious cycle!

Depression will keep you nice and lazy for a while…This is the most destructive loop of them all.

Guilt can drive you down a slippery slope, every minute you spend feeling guilty is a minute you could have done something. That’s the source of the problem and its solution.

So stop feeling guilty and start doing even a simple 30 seconds action can kick start you!

#5 Remove obstacles.

Eliminate stress by finding out how you work best!

Sometimes there are obstacles standing between you and the things you need to do. The real secret to getting things done is to remove all the potential obstacles between you and your targets and to do things while you’re still in your comfort zone, for instance:

You need to buy groceries but you can’t find the strength to drag yourself outside, solution >> nowadays you can just open your computer and order everything online…it’ll arrive to your doorstep.

Automation and remote control actions can be a solution to most of your “laziness” problems they might be even cheaper than the alternatives.  You can save on gas, parking plus an hour or two of your time.

Sometimes, all you need is to concentrate everything in one place that functions as a productivity hub, enabling you to run a tight list of to do’s and gives you the tools you need to get things done.