When we see successful entrepreneurs, we often think, “Oh, they have it so easy! Everybody is buying what they are selling.”  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Successful EntreprenuersEntrepreneurs put in long, hard hours in before you see their product or service and long, hard hours after you have purchased their product or service.  Here are five secrets to successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Customer service is top notch.  Successful entrepreneurs know most of their business will come from repeat customers and referrals from those customers.  They express gratitude. They make expressions like, “I’m glad you’re here, and I want to do whatever I can to help you with your problem.” They know that appreciation goes a long way, all the way to the bank.
  2. Accountability gives businesses credibility.  Successful entrepreneurs know that they are accountable for their business and its success.  They take the blame for the failures and reap the reward for the achievements.   They know what happens with their business endeavors is ultimately their responsibility.  Everything falls on their shoulders and because it does, they take everyday business transactions a little more serious than their own employees.
  3. A narrow focus leads down a path to more opportunities.  Successful entrepreneurs know that focusing on one aspect for business and getting it perfected will lead to other opportunities.  When setting themselves on one path, they are more productive and give their business all the attention it needs.  They know not to have a tobacco store that sells, deer feed and hair products. Simply put – keep it simple.
  4. Hire smart people and nurture them.  Successful entrepreneurs know that in order to move their business forward, they must have an exceptional team.   When hiring employees, look for those that are smart and can help grow the company.  Hey must be nurtured.  Building employees up and acknowledgement by simply saying,” Thanks” or, “You are doing a great job!” will take a company far.  Employee turnover will stay down.
  5. Learn from mistakes. Successful entrepreneurs learn from failure.  They do not quit when the going gets tough.  They take a step back and access the situation.  Re-evaluate how to handle a situation that went wrong the first time. They make a better decision next time and use that lesson for further business practices.
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Have you had any successes that helped your business?  Share you tips below.

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