5 Steps for getting started with measuring social media

5 Steps for getting started with measuring social media

 How is your company measuring Social Media?

Companies are having great success growing their revenues by leveraging and measuring social media.  Beyond the ability to communicate directly with prospects and customers, social media also offers a platform for an ongoing exchange with employees, which is critical for maintaining an engaged, enthusiastic team.

If you want to dip your toes in the social media waters, focus first on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the major players in the social media game. But before diving in to use these tools, you should take a moment to put marketing analytics in place so you can measure your business and industry mentions in social media.  Here’s a quick outline of tools and platforms to quickly (and effectively) get you up and running in the social media world:

  1. Creating Google Alerts ― for your company’s name, products and management team ― is a no-brainer, and the info you’ll gain is priceless. You’ll receive alerts on any mention of your brand and its relevant keywords, in your email inbox on whatever schedule you choose.
  2. Using Hubspot’s social media monitoring tool, you can track conversations in key social media networks that are relevant for your brand and industry. Or use HootSuite, which lets you save keyword searches as a live stream to keep your pulse on relevant social media chatter.
  3. Once these monitoring tools are in place, set up a free Twitter account and start developing a following. It’s truly amazing the loyal followers that 140-character “tweets” about your company, employees and special offers can attract. But don’t just make it all about you…be sure to “re-tweet” relevant info from other sources that your followers may find useful. Following industry insiders and industry publications on Twitter is a great, easy way to find content to relay to your followers.
  4. Next, you’ll want to set up a Facebook business page to build a community of advocates and increase your word-of-mouth marketing. No business can afford to ignore Facebook’s 800 million monthly active users. The key word here is “community” – be sure to interact those who take the time to comment on your Facebook page.
  5. Last but not least is LinkedInthe “big gorilla” in the business lead-generation game. First, create interesting, accurate personal and company profiles (and don’t forget to add links to your website and blog). Then, explore LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers, widely used marketing tools for lead generation and customer acquisition. (LinkedIn Answers lets you respond to people seeking answers to questions – a ready-made source of potential leads!) Our free presentation slides, “Grow Your Business With LinkedIn,” from this year’s Get Down to Business Conference have more tips and advice.
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This post is from www.marketpathonline.com, and was inspired by the free ebook, The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing.

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