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On my last blog post, I wrote about how being a productive person makes you more successful socially. But sometimes, we need help from other people.  Seriously, there’s only that much that we can do.  Our projects will sometimes require us to interact with other people and their agenda tends to be different than ours.

So how do we influence people to help us become more productive and through it socially successful?

#1 Expect to get what you want by acting like its exciting and don’t be afraid of rejection.

Positivity and determination need to radiate from you like heat from a volcano.  Be there and act like this thing you’re doing is going to happen whether they join you or not.  It’s going to be big and you really want them to take part.

The reality is that not everyone can be swayed by promises of grandeur and success.  Sometimes they’ll say no, don’t get offended or take it personally, those people will probably help you next time after they see the results of your previous actions.

#2 Start with people who helped you before, they are more likely to help you again.

Helping has its “commitment momentum” – once you do it, it’s easier to convince you to do it again.  Even if it was on a small scale, reinforce it by bringing them closer into your inner circle which brings us to our next point…

#3 Once someone helped you, make sure you praise them in other people’s ears.

Going out of your way to praise someone that has helped you publically is reinforcement incarnated. First, the person who helped you gets recognition for their actions. Second, people to whom you are praising realize that you are someone that can be a great evangelist; ultimately, leading to them marking you as a person worth helping.

Saying thank you publicly is really a win/win situation! (Start today!)

#4 It’s much harder to say no to you when you’re smiling, be friendly and likable.

We all hate haters and love people who fill our lives with laughter.  So be that fun person and convincing people to do something for you will become much easier.

#5 Lead by example – they work “with you” against working “for you”.

Take the “let’s do it together” not the “me vs. them” approach.  When they see that they are working alone, they’ll leave…simple as that.

To conclude, in order to influence other people to work with you, be a good hearted, funny leader that knows how to share the work load and functions as an enabler of results.

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