If you live any part of your work life on your mobile device, you probably have a few go-to apps in your tool kit that continue to save you from productivity disasters every day, and others that just, well, use up memory.

Whether you’re an avid app connoisseur or are just now delving into the digital universe, these six productivity apps are worth your while to take a look at (or download). And the best part? They’re all compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems.

1. CloudMagic. Tired of having to traverse through your phone every time you need to go between email accounts and other apps? CloudMagic is an app that solves this problem by gathering all of your email and productivity apps into one location, saving time on app to app navigation so you can keep moving seamlessly throughout your workday. Besides supporting major email accounts such as Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP accounts, it supports apps like Evernote, Trello, Asana, Pocket among other productivity-related programs.

2. Trello. Since our fast-paced world never stops growing in its demand for fast accessibility, Trello answered with an innovative app that allows you to tack lists, tasks, notes, and other important tidbits onto one “board.” It’s like a virtual bulletin board for your phone where you can organize and keep bits of information for as long as you need it. As a bonus, you can also share your lists and designs with others.

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3. Asana. If you need to coordinate team projects via email but don’t want the hassle of juggling multiple email threads, then Asana is for you (and everyone else on your team, too). Asana keeps everyone on the same page – literally – with its collaboration software designed to fit virtually any platform and operating system, including Windows 8 and Amazon Kindle.

4. Evernote. Is there anything Evernote can’t do? Likely the most popular organization and productivity app on the market today, Evernote has proven itself to be a leader in the way we run our lives at work and beyond. This powerful app lets you organize note, photos, videos, web clippings, and more into virtual notebooks that can be shared with anyone across multiple platforms. It’s easy to use and highly compatible with web browsers and most other apps, and syncing information is a breeze.

5. Pocket. One of the most notorious productivity killers of all time is the web browsing bug, causing professionals to waste countless billing hours since the invention of the search engine. If you come across some interesting web articles that you cannot let go of, try the Pocket app, where you can simply grab articles from the web, store them all in one place, and keep them for reading offline later. This is a fantastic app for keeping your work time separate from your leisurely reading time, and it’s easy to use and compatible with most phones, tablets, and computers.

6. Sunrise. Sunrise is an app that allows you to keep your system calendars in one place, so you’ll always know where to look for events scheduled on any calendar. This app keeps itself constantly updated, and changes you make on calendars from other locations will automatically appear in Sunrise, so you’ll never need to worry about missing events or delays in updating. In addition, this app features quick data entry, time zone support, and customizable reminders, all on an attractive and seamlessly navigable interface.