An interesting article: “7 Smart Ways to Get Ahead at the Office” Check it out now, but here’s a preview below. (Multitasking isn’t always the way, especially if you’re not an efficient multi-tasker. Remove those distractions!)

1. Singletask:

Don’t listen to the multitasking hype — doing one thing at a time ensures that at least one thing will get done. Minimize browsers, close extra tabs, and log out of Facebook. If you can turn off all the noise, you will get your tasks complete. Word to the wise: Those who say they do more when multitasking are usually incorrect.

2. Work harder than everyone:

It might not be what you want to hear, but muscling through is one way to ensure that things get done at the office. Afraid you’re going to be behind? Feeling overwhelmed? Come early. Stay late. Hit up the office on a weekend. Work smart, but don’t forget that working hard will get you there, too. And convince yourself that you care enough to do so. You won’t get points for being at the office the longest, but if you work harder and smarter than everyone around you, you’re sure to be a shining star.

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