If you’re looking for even more ways to start accomplishing more, read below! You might even be surprised by some of these time management tactics:

Create more time.

If it seems like there really is no time to carve out a half-hour or so from your existing schedule and you really want to take up jogging, try getting up a half-hour earlier each day (or on weekends).  If it’s really important, you can fit it in. Possibly remove something not so important. Implement simple processes and time management techniques e.g., with email: (Send less = Receive less) = Less to manage.  Sending 5 fewer emails a day  will save you hours in the long-run. Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to review your schedule and tasks for tomorrow.  Choose that TIP (top important priority) for the day and you can start tomorrow in control instead of the day controlling you. (To refresh yourself on TIP, check out this related post: http://cathysexton.com/accomplishing-more-pick-a-place-to-start/

Reward yourself.

After you meet small deadlines, promise yourself a small treat.  When the entire project is completed, think on a little grander scale.  Always celebrate at the end of each day and feel good about what you did accomplish instead of feeling bad about what you didn’t.

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Get started!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it agan: The hardest part is getting started.  Once you’re in motion, it’ll be easier to keep going.  You may well find that it isn’t as bad as you expected; and once you’re involved, you’ve overcome the highest hurdle!

And remember: It is extremely important to have a work/life balance. Don’t try to accomplish it all at once!

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