Want to accomplish more?   Pick a place to start!
It’s all about getting started—so don’t feel like you always have to start at the beginning.  If that first step seems the hardest, start with another part of the project instead.  Remember to break it down into smaller tasks so you don’t become overwhelmed with a large project. Keep the following in mind:

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  • Workspace – Don’t let your set-up be an upset!
    Does it work for you? If your set-up is simply not convenient and workable, it will definitely hold you back.  Too much clutter is distracting.  Keep a few things on your desk—those that bring you energy.  Place your most-used items within arm’s reach.
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  • Top Important Priority (TIP) for the Day  Choose your most important task off your to-do list.  This will be your Top Important Priority (TIP) for the day. Use the 80/20 rule:  Block off the first 20% of your day (90 mins.) to work on the TIP of the day (80% importance). Write it down and post it in sight.  When you get interrupted or distracted, this will remind you to get back on track.  When you get that finished, move on to the next most important task. At the end of the day, you will have made progress and completed your TIP. How great will you feel then? If prioritizing is a challenge for you, check this out for some help: http://cathysexton.com/prioritizing-part-one/

Stay tuned for more thoughts on how to accomplish more and increase your productivity…without all the stress!