Does Feng Shui in Your Work Space Increase Productivity?

It is possible to be both a productive worker and a happy worker. If you apply Feng Shui to your work space, you will be inviting productivity and happiness into your workday. Dictionary.com refers to Feng Shui as “the Chinese art or practice of harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang as in arranging furniture or determining of a space or object.”  It will help you arrange your environment in a way that brings the best of you out. Apply these five Feng Shui tips, so you can increase your productivity, your positive energy, and your work experience.

Make sure you are facing the entrance of your office or cubicle.

With people coming in through the entryway, it is not good for you to have your back to them when they enter your space. By placing your desk facing the entrance, you will not be surprised by an unplanned visitor, people walking by or lurkers.  You will be well prepared for whatever business or visitors come into your space.  If your office is not situated in a way where you can face the entryway, put a mirror in place so you can have a view of the entrance.

Eliminate clutter to the entrance and make sure it is well lit.

An uncluttered, welcoming front entrance can affect the success of your entire business. Not only does it  increase your productivity and convey professionalism, it also creates a positive, welcoming first impression to new business. This is equally important whether your office is located in an office building or in your home. When clients can easily come in and feel comfortable, they are more likely to want to stay longer and conduct their business. Your clients came to you for a reason. Creating an uncluttered, welcoming and well lit entrance to invite them in can help you keep them.

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Provide a better quality of the air.

You can easily improve the air quality by adding plants to your work space. Plants such as Peace Lilies, Ferns and Rubber Plants are great for removing toxins such as excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and will provide for pleasant flow of energy.

Create a balance in your office space.

Make sure your yin has an equal yang. Try not to have too much of one thing such as a color, object, shape, or pattern in one space. Too much of one thing will create a feeling of heaviness and stress, and your work space will appear and feel unbalanced.  When everything is in balance, you offer a more welcoming and peaceful environment for new business.

Gift yourself with a water feature in your work space.

A fish tank or a small water fountain will be sufficient. Slow moving water is known to be soothing, which will make you more productive during the workday.  The rhythmic movement of the water will eliminate stress and give you perspective of your work in front of you.


You can achieve Feng Shui by making your work space reflect the kind of workday you wish to have, as well as the kind of work you want to put out. Give yourself a more productive space when you apply Feng Shui to your work space.

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