Apps for on the go Business Owners

 If you are a business owner, then you know how fast this world moves and it is little wonder that you need the extra help. Thanks to technology such as smart phones, iPads, and tablets, your life can be made simpler with ingenious apps. Here’s a list of apps to help make your busy life manageable, more productive, and maintain smarter finances.


Invoice2go Lite


Need to keep up with your invoices, manage costs and billing? Then look no further than this app as it allows you to manage three invoices at a time, interact with customers, helps billing, and collecting payments. And all in the palm of your hand! While you can get the lite version free, the full version is only $9.99.



 Are you finding that money managing is more difficult than it sounds? Mint is here to help you put all your financial data onto one screen, showing graphics and charts with tracking investments and managing debt. Mint shows the most current data from your finances, quick and easy. The best news is, it’s user-friendly, so it’s good for not so techno savvy people.


TSheets Time Tracker


Do you bill your clients by the hour and by how much you travel? Then TSheets is your app! It tracks how much time you spend on a project and assigned tasks, as well as using your built-in GPS on your phone to map your traveling. Then after you’re done, it will show you how you should bill your client accurately – no guessing involved.



 This app works similar to TSheets Time Tracker, but it helps with multiple projects for multiple clients. iBillTo helps with keeping track of rates per client, how many hours you worked on each client’s project, and the expenses you made while getting the job done. It help keep meticulous records so that you get paid every penny that you worked.

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 Want to spend more time on promoting your business on social media? Do you not have the time to do it and can’t afford to hire a professional? Then LocalVox is your app to update all of your social media sites with just one click of a button. This app also ventures to update local online directories and your website!


 NowFloats Boost

 Working on the same lines as LocalVox, NewFloats not only updates your social media and website at a click of a button, but it has auto-SEO capabilities. It can help your business easily be discovered on search engines and help with more business leads with its “Talk to Business” feature. You can even add images onto your website and change around widgets. Now that’s pretty techno savvy, regardless if you consider yourself one or not.



 Need an accountant, but can’t afford one? InDinero can help with that! It is able to handle your accounting, taxes and payroll. Don’t understand what’s going on with your finances? Let the app do it for you by showing you graphics and charts that analyzes what’s truly going on.


 One of my favorites… Need an app to take notes on your phone, but when you get on your computer, you want them to be there as well? Evernote is meant for your phone and computer so that when you type something on your phone, you know it’ll be there at your desktop. So keep track of that website you ran across today, but didn’t have time to read it like you wanted to. Type down the extra chore you needed to do tonight. Add that detail to your upcoming business trip. And it will all be waiting for you back at the convenient of your home computer.


 We have established that it is very important to have a to-do list and actually get that to-do list done by the end of the day. There are many organizing apps out there, but Any.do is rapidly becoming the number one app to organize and plan to-do tasks. You can easily add a new task, select “done” when you have accomplished that task, and defer a task to another day. This app allows you to reschedule tasks to a few hours ahead so you can stay focus on your task you have now.

There are many apps available to help you run your business, manage time (for your client as well as yourself), and explain where your money going and how you can improve on spending. But finding the right app to apply to your life can be a challenge. For more information on how to figure out which app is the best, please visit The Productivity Experts at theproductivityexperts.com. Cathy Sexton, founder of The Productivity Experts, can also help you manage your day to get the most productivity out of it without an app!

Apps for busy business owners