Are you a mobile superhero in the workplace?

The workplace is quickly being infiltrated by a new breed of mobile superhero — elite workers who rely on and use mobile apps to increase productivity. These men and women have superpowers that soar past anything the Justice League could drum up. This super-connected workforce has the ability to channel the data and apps that smartphones provide, and have made businesses stronger than ever.

With  more than 590 businesses around the globe surveyed . The researchers found that mobile devices are making workers more productive, making them 35% more likely to collaborate with colleagues than those who are phone-less.

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The mobile elite also drive innovation within their companies, compelling their co-workers to accept change through the power of tech.

But every superhero has his kryptonite, and for these smartphone-toting men and women it seems risk-taking is their hubris. They are two times more likely to download unauthorized apps to get work done, putting their companies and fellow workers at risk for a security breach.

Great article/infographic from Mashable.com: http://mashable.com/2012/10/28/mobile-superhero/

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For more about how the mobile elite perform in the workforce, take a look at the infographic below.