Time management can be a struggle for anybody. But entrepreneurs who still work at one job while starting a business on the side know more than most just how important time management is. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to juggle everything when you’re doing one job. Add in the time it takes to grow and sustain a business and it just might feel impossible! But there are ways to make it all work if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who has decided to hold onto your current job while the new business gets going. You can be successful.

Finding Solutions to Time Management Challenges

In his article, “Running a Business While Working a Full-Time Job”, Marco Terry’s number one rule is not to let your business interfere with your job. Keeping your job amidst starting your own business is more than commendable, it’s smart. At the same time, it’s crucial to honor the commitment you made to your employer despite the fact that your business will inevitably take large amounts of time — in your already busy schedule. However, this is not an impossible feat. Effective time management solutions can help.

Marco Terry describes his own experience saying, “I used to wake up very early so that I could get business done before leaving for the office. Likewise, I used to work late into the night.” He meticulously followed the schedule he set for himself and went on to say that he lived this way for an entire year without huge issues arising. Even though it’s a lot of work, time management and dedication to your schedule is key to performing well at your job and creating a business that thrives.

Stepping Up to the Plate

Indecision can be a real time killer and is often a weakness for new business owners. Even though you may be used to following protocol as an employee, running your own business requires quick decision making with limited time for debating or lingering on pros and cons lists. Taking control of your business and being a reliable manager that employees can easily trust and follow requires the establishment of a new mindset; one in which you can be focused, organized and, most importantly, self-assured.

Working Within Your Own Schedule

Even though your jobs require a great amount of time from you, you are still the one in control. You are in control of your schedule, not your business. Although it’s worth taking time to plan out how you’re going to spend your time, kotowing to the demands of a needy new business is the perfect way to quickly burn yourself out. Instead, take time to work within your own schedule, while recognizing the importance of your salary as well as your personal life. Achieving this balance between work and home isn’t easy by any means, yet when you put in time and effort to make it work, you’ll see its larger effects on your work ethic and overall peace of mind.

Starting your own business is never easy. And doing it with a full time job makes it that much more challenging. However, by following these tips, knowing yourself and your limits, it’s possible to make it work and achieve that dream of owning your own business.

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