Whether you love waking up at 4 a.m. on Black Friday or totally loathe the combination of those two words, the fact remains…it’s only one week away! Check out this article from MyUntangledLife.com and add some organization to your shopping spree! (View it in it’s original context: http://myuntangledlife.com/2-great-lists-help-organize-holiday-shopping/)


With the holiday season just around the corner, I have started planning all my shopping and gift giving. I am a HUGE Black Friday shopper, it is when I will get about 99% of all my holiday shopping done. Since it is usually an early morning of craziness, I try to be as organized and prepared as possible.

I started following Black Friday Ads on Facebook. They post the Black Friday flyers and specials weeks before. It helps to see what some of the deals will be and be able to compare with other stores.

Before I head out shopping on Black Friday, I like to have a plan in place because anyone who has shopped on this day knows how crazy it can be. I start compiling my list the first week in November with a list of people who I am purchasing/making gifts for. It’s not fancy, just a simple and quick list of names.

I then break each person down individually using a template I created that lists the Person, Gift, Store, Cost, Coupon, Price and Total.