Regain Focus and Be More Productive

Many people lose focus while working.  Some have laser focus some days and other days their focus seems a bit lazy. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes our feelings of being overwhelmed are connected to our sense of control. We tend to feel as if control is being taken away from us by impeding responsibilities and more commitments.  When the feeling of anxiety takes over and all productivity becomes lost.  Once we realize that focus is lost, it becomes necessary to take corrective actions in order to regain focus.

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Clear your desk to clear your mind and get a rid of clutter.  Out of sight, but not out of mind is the new way of thinking.  Try placing folders and papers in a stack by priority, then place them stack in a box.  Keep the box on your desk.  Freeing yourself from clutter will free your mind.

Determine your focus trigger.  Some people like to listen to classical music and feel it soothes the mind while working. Classical music is stress free music that will push you through the work day with more ease and less anxiety.  If music does not settle you, try placing an object on your desk to help you regain focus when you look at it. Chewing gum helps those that need to do a minimal activity while focusing on a bigger task. Whatever your focus trigger may be, start using it today.

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Write down your top most important tasks.  To-do lists tell you what to do if you get lost during the day’s activities. You can refer back to your list to regain focus and reel yourself back in. Lists keep you task oriented.

Give yourself an internal deadline.  Most people work better under pressure.  You will be more apt to focus on your tasks. To regain focus, make it a game and reward yourself when you beat your deadline. Maybe it’s a “Coke Break” or a piece of chocolate. Your rewards will boost you morale which in turn will boost productivity.

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