Hear what others are saying about the Productivity Expert’s Clutter Buster Days:


  • “Participating in the Clutter Buster program transformed my desk. I highly recommend Cathy’s program to anyone who hates the clutter and wants a clean, organized workspace.” ~Joe
  • “This program was terrific in helping me start a project I needed to organize. Having to call in at designated times nicely broke up the time spent on the project and allowed me to ask questions, hear how others had managed certain things on their projects, and report on my progress. The program was a great motivator and reinforcement for working on my project. Since I wasn’t able to finish my project in one day, I have continued to work on finishing. One thing I found to be super helpful was to ask friend/friends to work with me. I am looking forward to having another session.” ~Janet
  • “Cathy’s Clutter Buster Days are fabulous! Her audio and written materials beforehand are extremely helpful; her knowledge and expertise are very valuable; and having that support structure in place as you wrestle with this highly emotionally-charged area of life is priceless. I know that everyone got a lot out of the event and out of one another’s comments. Just the sheer synergy of several people aligned on the same activity is very powerful.” ~BK
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