Music is very much a part of most of our lives. We listen to it at parties. It helps us to relax and let loose. It also helps us socialize by putting us more at ease. We listen to it in the car to help us pass the time as we go from point A to B. However, one place that seems to be devoid of music is office spaces. This may be because many bosses believe music could be too distracting. Whatever the reason, music actually has a number of productivity benefits that could make it useful in the workplace.

Breaks the monotony: This is important because one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to tasks in the workplace is feeling like all you’re doing is repeating the same task over and over again. Music has been shown to overcome this hurdle. Especially when it comes to tasks that are clear cut and repetitive. Workers who were allowed to listen to music while carrying out such tasks experienced an increase in both happiness and the quality of their work.

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Blocks out the noise: Noise has always been the leading factor when it comes to decreases in workplace productivity. Music can help to block out the noise. It has been shown that workers who were allowed to wear headphones and listen to music experienced a sharp increase in productivity over those who weren’t.

Type of music: It’s important to understand that the type of music you pick matters if your goal is increased productivity. Research has shown the best type of music is that which includes sounds of nature. The worst type is music with lyrics, which can be distracting, because your brain is likely to focus more on the words you’re hearing than the task at hand. Also, surprisingly, it has been found that the best type of music to listen to is songs that you feel indifferent about. This is because it’s easier to get distracted by songs that you love or those that you hate. There’s a great app for music that encourages productivity. Go to https://www.focusatwill.com/ and check it out!

There’s a strong argument to be made for music in the workplace. While it’s understandable that some managers would be skeptical of the effects of music in the workplace, its positive effects vastly outweigh its negative ones. So, turn on the music and crank up your productivity!


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