Conference Productivity Can Boost the Value of Your Conference

Your story has been the same for every conference you’ve attended.  You go and receive useful information, meet awesome professionals in your field and all around have a great time.  Then, you come back to your daily grind and you experience conference depression. You are left with the feeling of inadequate take-away and not sure what to do with all the information you received or you can’t even figure out what you did with it upon arriving back. You feel like your conference productivity was actually on a downward slope.

Don’t stress about it.  The Productivity Experts have got you covered.  We’ll tell you how to get the ultimate conference productivity by preparing ahead.

Create your pitch.

Be able to tell people about yourself in one breath.  You pitch needs to include: your name, what you do and why you are here.

Here is an example: Hi, my name is Cathy Sexton.


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I am the founder of The Productivity Experts.  I provide business leaders, individuals and work groups with the tools to improve their work environment, grow their business and advance their career. I am here to find individuals who need help in reducing the daily pressures in their work-life while trying to succeed.

Read any material you receive beforehand. 

Most conferences send the agenda with session times and the names of the speakers.  Visit the speakers’ websites, if they have one, and get to know their platform.  Plan which sessions you want to attend.  Write down what you want to get out of each session.  Then, when you get in a session and they do not cover a topic or issue you had hoped, you’ll know what types of questions to ask.

Know who the exhibitors will be.

Exhibition halls are common at conferences and many organizations set up booths or tables. Make a note of who you want to meet.  A map is usually in your materials you receive before hand, as well.  Know where the tables or booths are that you are trying to get to. Have your questions ready along with your pitch.

Bring business cards.

Business cards are a necessity at conferences.  People will give you their card and want to do business with you. You’ll want to make sure you can be contacted by those you meet.  If you do not have any business cards, get some prior to the conference.  Make sure to bring plenty.

Have your conference planner ready.

You can keep all your conference material in a simple planner.  It should have a place to record useful information you hope to take away from the conference like websites, books or products. A good planner will have a place to hold business cards. The Productivity Experts can help you find a conference planner that works for you.

Lastly, follow up.

Contact EVERY person you met and have contact information for from your conference.  You will need to do this as soon as you get back.   An email or hand-written not will do.  The relationships that you created while away will continuously need to be cultivated.  Your value in your conference is how well you handle the information you obtained and the people you met once you get back to your regularly scheduled program.

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What kind of tips do you have for creating the ultimate conference productivity?  How have they helped you?

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