getting organized, declutter, paper flow, paper management, to-do listYour desk is the hub of your daily activities. It can also becomes a dumping ground as well. If littered with all kinds of paper, mementos and personal items, at times it resembles chaos, not order. One step to becoming a more efficient task manager will be to do a clean sweep of your desk. This will help with organization and productivity with the physical items on your desk, but also with your daily tasks as well.

1.  Start with the desk top. Gather up all paper and sweep it clear of everything.

2.  Next, filter your items into three groups.

  • Tossing (unnecessary)
  • Filing
  • Action – Needs action/approval from another to more forward

3.  Start! If you don’t start you can’t finish!

Items a desktop should contain:

  • 3-tier file
    • In box – incoming items and mail
    • Out box – outgoing items
    • File box – place for information needing to be filed
  • good functioning stapler
  • container for pens, pencils, etc.
  • letter-opener
  • container for paper clips

Start with these simple tips, and you’re on your way to a more organized desk! For more tips on organization and productivity in the workplace, check out our Increasing Productivity facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CathySextonProductivity

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