The average American adult spends most of their day in offices. This office could be in a formal setting or one at home. It could be shared or individual. Either way, this office is where you will spend most of your day and get most of your work done. So, its important that you feel comfortable and at ease in this area. The décor and design is a very important factor when it comes to how you feel and how productive you’re able to be while in the office. These tips while help you “set the tone” in your workspace.

Adjust Everything: Your office space should be perfectly suited to your body. Make sure your chair is comfortable and a comfortable distance from your desk. Make sure it’s not too high or low. It’s also a good idea to make sure everything you need is nearby so you can find and access it all easily.

Clean It Up: It’s vital that you keep your office looking clean and neat. Nothing can destroy a great day’s work like misplacing that important document or sheet you need. Keeping your office organized will ensure that you never lose a vital document and don’t waste precious time searching for it.

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Color Me Productive: If possible, paint your office so it best suites you. If you work better in a calmer environment, use gentle colors. If you work better in a livelier environment, use bold colors. If you can’t repaint your office, try and make the office supplies that you bring in those colors.

Bring The Outside World In: Keep your office as “natural” as possible. Be sure to leave the window’s open and let in fresh air if you can. If you work from a corporate office and this isn’t possible, just put a plant somewhere in your workspace. Plants have been proven to increase productivity and leave you feeling happier.

Office décor can have quite the effect on your work. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your office is best suited to you. Your office is where you will spend most of your workday, so make it a pleasant, comfortable environment that boosts your productivity and your mood.

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