Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to reduce your stress and frustration? Do you want to get more done with less effort?

Cleaning off your desk, table, or kitchen countertop and discarding old items is a crucial part of decreasing your distractions and increasing your productivity.

Ask yourself the following Discarding Questions:

Yes = keep (put away)   No = move to the next question

1.     Do I love it or does it give me energy?

2.     Do I use it regularly?

3.     Is it recent enough to be useful?

4.     Do I need it for legal or tax reasons?

5.     How easy would it be to obtain again?

6.     Last but most important question – WHAT IS THE WORST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN IF I DON’T HAVE THIS? If you can live with that answer, than you can probably discard, toss, donate, destroy or shred.

Use these questions to guide you to free up your time and space for the more important things in life!