Dos and don’ts of Christmas cooking and holiday entertaining

Are you looking for baking ideas? Is it your year to plan Christmas dinner? Too busy to think about New Year? Well, read on — we have everything you need to know to keep baking for the holidays, cooking Christmas dinner, and New Year’s Eve entertaining stress free. Check out these dos and don’ts of Christmas cooking.

Before pulling out the mixer and preheating the oven . . .

•    Don’t be overambitious when holiday baking:  An afternoon of baking two or three different cookies can be fulfilling and elicit Christmas cheer, but too many can be a grueling chore!

•    Don’t choose too many complicated recipes: Especially if you are baking with kids, choose some simple ones as well. You will avoid baking fatigue as well as keep the kids interested in your holiday traditions.

•    Do your shopping before your baking day: Having all of your ingredients ready and on hand will make you baking go smoothly.

•    Do add something new to the traditional holiday cookie platter: Contribute to passing traditions along as well as creating some new ones of your own.

Tips to make your Christmas menu go smoothly
•    Do ask for help when making Christmas dinner for a crowd: If you are having a big crew over for dinner, have friends or family bring some of the side dishes, dinner rolls, salad or dessert.

•    Don’t let guests cook in your house: To make collaborative menus go smoothly, ask that dishes be brought finished and leave your kitchen free for last minute preparations

•    Do know ahead of time what items will need time in the oven: It will help to be able to time your turkey or ham if you know what else will need to be heated in the oven. Utilize the microwave or toaster oven as well for heating up side dishes.

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Keep New Year’s Eve simple
•    Don’t forget that the New Year is around the corner: New Year’s Eve planning ends up being last minute and often anti-climatic after Christmas chaos.

•    Do keep at home New Year’s simple and festive: Low-key and stress free New Years Eve at home hits the mark. 12 last minute appetizers will keep things easy for New Years entertaining or an easy fondue menu just requires assembly and very little cooking.

•    Do banish stress and enjoy your entertaining!

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