Before sending an email message, consider the timing of the message, the words that are being communicated, and how the receiver would prefer to receive the communication. For specific tips on subject lines: http://cathysexton.com/?p=1177

Too many emails

  • Is timing appropriate?
  • Is this e-mail necessary?
  • 24 Hr. rule – Wait 24 hrs. before sending emotional responses


    • One topic per e-mail – Stay on topic
    • Is this the best way of communicating or should I use phone, in person, or wait for a meeting?
    • Think about the Receiver, not the sender
    • Coach your frequent senders on ways they can help themselves (along with helping you) tame the email loop
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  • If someone sends you an important email, it is polite to send them a quick acknowledgment so they know you got it. For example, if someone sends you an email asking “can we set up a teleconference tomorrow at noon?”, then it would be polite to send them a note before the end of the day, for example, saying that you are working on getting a room, so that you don’t leave them wondering if you got their message.


  • Include only the necessary people
  • Eliminate the auto reply-to-all
  • Be discerning with “Reply to All” or “CC”