The subject line is an essential part of your e-mail message. When you are composing new emails, make sure to include a relevant subject line. An email without a subject line is a big no-no. Blank subject lines will not get the receiver’s attention, and will also hinder the receiver’s access to your e-mail later if/when they are trying to search their inbox for terms related to the message. For more on subject lines (and how annoying blank subject lines can be!), check out this link: http://blog.crankingwidgets.com/2007/06/04/email-subject/

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Here are a few more helpful subject-line tips:

Subject Line Etiquette (that will also save time):

  • Use the Subject line as your complete e-mail; end with “EOM” (end of message). Example – “Meet you in cafeteria at noon. EOM.” This saves the receiver time because they will see it pop up…no clicking necessary!
  • “NRN” (no reply is necessary)
  • “NTR” (no thanks required)
  • “RTMO” (reply to me only)

Use categories before your subject – think verbs

  • This way the receiver knows what action needs to happen:
    • Action
    • Delivery
    • Confirm
    • Info
    • Request
    • For example – “Confirm: Hotel Reservations-Annual Conference”

Always try to be mindful of your receiver. Ask yourself, “If I were this person receiving this message, what would save me time and allow me to refer back to this message if  need be?”