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Helpful Tips for Organizing Your E-mail Inbox

  • Limit the number of folders you use and use sub-folders
  • Create rules to automatically send e-mails to folders
  • Limit the use of “Return Receipts.” These can irritate people if overused for less important messages. Make sure “Return Receipts” are not set as the default setting.
  • Change your send and receive interval setting to every 30 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. This will cause a 70% reduction in interruptions. You won’t feel like you’re constantly receiving messages.
  • Eliminate the notification of incoming emails if the pop-ups seem distracting to you while you’re trying to focus on other work.
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If using Microsoft Outlook 2007, go to Tools/Options/Preferences/Email Options/Advanced Options and uncheck the appropriate settings boxes to minimize Outlook interruptions! For more Outlook tips, visit this informative site, How-To Outlook: http://www.howto-outlook.com/