As a Productivity Expert, I often get asked this question. People want to make sure they are maximizing their time and using effective task management. 

If you think about back to when you were in school, you may remember teachers telling you that the best way to approach homework and other projects was to do the hardest task first.  They may have also advised you to tackle the homework subject you disliked the most first, before moving on.  This same approach can greatly enhance your productivity today.

When you are preparing to begin a fresh day at work, try to begin putting this approach into action.  Instead of beginning with a task you enjoy, or one which comes easily to you, start with one you dislike, or one which you feel will be quite difficult.  At the end of the day, you may be pleasantly surprised with how much you have accomplished.  You will also feel that the day has gone much smoother. For more productivity help, check out Other Frequently Asked Questions on the site.