ur doin it wrong


Are you attempting the daunting task of sorting those piles on your desk? Or maybe your inbox has been overflowing since before you left for that nice, long holiday weekend? Well this week, it’s time to get back to work! A more organized desk will give you more room to get tasks done and help with your focus.

Start by sorting from the top down.

Don’t skip around. To create and maintain order requires working in an orderly manner. Handle papers one at a time from the top of the master pile. Resist the urge to dig out something farther down that may relate to the one in your hand. Make a decision on each item, one at a time.

Need a clutter intervention? Let us help you with one of our Clutter Buster Days! No matter how large or small the task at hand, a Clutter Buster Day may be just what you need to jumpstart the organizing process or finally complete a task you may have left unfinished.