Get more done and feel great about it!      Ignite Your Productivity


Want to accomplish more? Pick a place to start!

It’s all about getting started—so don’t feel like you always have to start at the beginning. If that first step seems the hardest, start with another part of the project instead. Remember to break it down into smaller tasks so you don’t become overwhelmed with a large project.

Work space – Don’t let your set-up be an upset!

Does it work for you? If your set-up is simply not convenient and workable, it will definitely hold you back. Too much clutter is distracting. Keep a few things on your desk—those that bring you energy. Place your most-used items within arm’s reach.

Top Important Priority (TIP) for the Day – will get more done

Choose your most important task off your to-do list. This will be your Top Important Priority (TIP) for the day.
Use the 80/20 rule: Block off the first 20% of your day (90 mins.) to work on the TIP of the day (80% importance).
Write it down and post it in sight. When you get interrupted or distracted, this will remind you to get back on track. When you get that finished, move on to the next most important task. At the end of the day, you will have made progress and completed your TIP. How great will you feel then?

Prime Energy Time – PET

We accomplish more when we’re energized. Tackle the more difficult tasks during your prime time, when your energy levels are at their highest.

Being realistic?

We often have an unrealistic sense of time; you may have the feeling that a project will take forever or that you have “plenty of time.” The more realistic you become, the less likely you’ll be to procrastinate. It generally takes 1-1/2 to 3 times longer to complete tasks than we anticipate; so schedule accordingly, building in extra time for the unforeseen.

Only Got 5 minutes? – Get More Done

Remember that even five minutes is enough time to get something done. 1-3 phone calls can be returned in that time. Add “quick task” time to your to-do list so that when you only have 5 minutes, you’ll have items to choose from.

Use Time Blocking / Time Charting

Make sure the most important tasks are on your schedule e.g., exercising, marketing your business, family time, etc. It’s often too easy to let the day take control of your schedule. But with Time Charting, you have a much better chance of doing the things you really want to accomplish. (See the “Time Charting” handout.)
Keep it simple and visual. At the most, only chart out 80% of your day; this leaves room for unexpected tasks or issues.

Create more time… get more done

If it seems like there really is no time to carve out a half-hour or so from your existing schedule and you really want to take up jogging, try getting up a half-hour earlier each day (or on weekends). If it’s really important, you can fit it in. Possibly remove something not so important. Implement simple processes and time management techniques e.g., with email: (Send less = Receive less) = Less to manage. Sending 5 fewer emails a day will save you hours in the long-run. Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to review your schedule and tasks for tomorrow. Choose that TIP for the day and you can start tomorrow in control instead of the day controlling you.

Reward yourself

After you meet small deadlines, promise yourself a small treat. When the entire project is completed, think on a little grander scale. Always celebrate at the end of each day and feel good about what you did accomplish instead of feeling bad about what you didn’t.

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Only way to get more done is to get started

The hardest part is getting started. Once you’re in motion, it’ll be easier to keep going. You may well find that it isn’t as bad as you expected; and once you’re involved, you’ve overcome the highest hurdle!

I challenge you to I.G.N.I.T.E. your personal productivity by implementing what you have just learned. Start by using these steps:                                                   

Intention: Know your intention, ask why is it important? What are the benefits?

Get started: Take action on one strategy you learned within the next 24 hours.

Commit: Your Time, Money, & Energy

Engage the process!: Motivation, celebration, evaluate what’s working or not working  to keep moving forward and ask someone to hold you accountable. Your success depends on it.

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