Time Management Tips

Group training programs offer practical solutions with take-away value that attendees can begin using immediately, both in their personal and professional lives. Whether you have staff that could use e-mail training or a group of friends that would like to get together for a lunch-and-learn, everyone can benefit from the Productivity Expert.

Discover the secret of being focused, organized, and productive. Practical tips, techniques and tools help to reduce the frustration caused from handing physical, digital and mental clutter.

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There is NO better investment that you can make than in yourself or your staff! Especially when it allows you to reduce stress and gain back control over time, money and energy. All of Cathy’s presentations feature time-tested productivity principles and best practices.


  • Maximizing Your Most Precious Resource – Time!
  • Productivity Zappers
  • Are You a Procrastination Pro?
  • Help! I’m Buried in E-Mail
  • Organizing Your Mind and Your Desk for S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
  • Playing The Daily Game of OUTLOOK
  • Reach for The Goal
  • T.G.I.F. – Time, Goals, Initiate, Follow Through
  • Busting the Clutter – Organizing: Where Do I Start? (Home / Work)
  • The GO System Seminar – Getting and Staying Organized (Nationally Recognized Program)

If you’d like more information from Cathy or have ideas for additional topics, e-mail info@theproductivityexperts.com.