When you go into work tomorrow, take a look at your inbox with the goal of more efficiently processing your new messages in mind.

For a review, go to Part II: http://cathysexton.com/how-to-better-process-your-daily-emails-part-i/. Keep in mind that the key is how you process, receive, and most importantly, how you choose to use your time.
Reduce the flow

  • Pay attention to what is arriving in your inbox. Look at what types of emails you are receiving, who they are coming  from, and why. Just taking the extra time to evaluate what’s coming in can be a big eye opener.
  • Start re-routing emails to others. Is someone else handling this now so it no longer needs to come to you?
  • Trim the fat. Stop receiving emails from mailing lists, and stop receiving newsletters if you are no longer getting any value out of them.

Send less and receive less

Based on receiving 70 e-mails per day, you can eliminate just 7 per day and gain 1.5 weeks per year.  What would you do with 1.5 weeks a year free time?

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