Time spent increasing motivation results in greater workplace productivity, reduced stress, and engaged employees.

Many organization, unfortunately, don’t understand the importance of motivating  employees.

Lack of motivation among employees reduces workplace productivity. Corporate profitability and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of employee engagement. A workplace filled with unengaged employees more than likely will have a negative effect on corporate performance. Do you know the causes of low productivity among your staff?

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Motivation is the greatest key to increasing workplace productivity.

To increase workplace productivity  first identify the root of employee behavior and how it relates to low productivity. Then establish strategies to increase productivity.

  • Learn how your employees tick and understanding their motivation factors
  • Establish a process to personally recognize individuals for good performance
  • Publicly recognize them for their hard work
  • Not everyone is motivated by the same things; creating a variation of incentives is key
  •  Job satisfaction is crucial and using an employee assessment can help the employee as well as the company in establishing the best job/employee match
  • Avoiding micromanagement will instill trust, gives freedom and helps employee growth
  • Engaging employees in the decision process will increase buy-in as well as increased ownership
  • Personal development, training and increasing knowledge benefits both individuals and the company
Finally, the overall workplace environment is key to establishing and retaining moral which then increases productivity. Take the time to create and execute your strategies for increasing your workplace productivity.

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