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Begin the new work week by trying something new tomorrow. Identify your prime time and schedule your tasks at work accordingly!

Your prime time is the time of day when you have the most energy. You are apt to be more productive and focused during this time, so work on your most important tasks during this window. Are you a morning person? Do you feel rejuvenated when you return from your lunch break? Whatever your “prime time” may be, use it to accomplish something!

Also, try out the 80/20 rule. When you walk through the door tomorrow, don’t go straight to your voicemails and overflowing e-mail inbox. Use the first 20 percent of your day (the first 96 minutes) to work on the most important¬†task for that day. It may be a project that is due soon, or a new client’s file you need to read through. After you’ve spent your first part of the day on this, then you can get to the rest.

Plan your day to help you be more organized and productive!

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