“Master The 10 Foundations of Personal Productivity” from IQTell.com

At the core of human desire, there’s the need for“more”.  Getting more done, experiencing as much as we can, and looking for the next big thing constantly. It pushes us.  It fills our lives with the Dopamine induced euphoric feeling of impending success.

However, while we have plenty of drive and motivation, we often miss rather than achieve our goals, how come? Well, as it turns out, like most things in human behavior…if it’s ruled by impulsiveness and lacks structure, then it fails to reach the light of day.

If you want to check off more success than failure and increase your personal productivity, then you’ll need to lay the proper foundation and structure.  You’ll need to set certain ground rules (or behaviors if you will) that will support you on your journey.  Are you doing all ten today?

1# Sleep

Consistently under-sleeping is a fool-proof method to undermine your productivity.  I’m not talking about the occasional all-nighter.  People who don’t know how to control their sleep cycles wonder around like zombies.  When you’re walking around without sleep, it’s difficult to focus thus making your work day useless and your personal productivity nonexistent.  (For those of us trying to lose weight, you eat more because your brain craves energy which makes you even more tired.)

2# Nutrition

Carbohydrates (aka “Carbs”) control our ability to concentrate and can supply great “ups” as well as drenching “downs”.  Simple Carbs like chocolates taste great and will give you a short boost but ultimately will leave you craving for more and lead to a sure energy crash when that snickers bar is done.  For a more moderate yet sustainable supply of energy eat complex carbohydrates like whole wheat foods.  You can  Learn more here.

3# Exercise

Keeping a healthy exercise routine has many benefits.  It regulates your heart rate, improves your metabolism, and if you have ADHD, is probably the only natural method to keep you not hyper.  Exercise also releases endorphins which affect our mood.  Our productivity is exponentially increased when our mood is positive and we have a calm and focused mind.

4# People skills

Unless you are a Buddhist monk, you’ll need effective communication skills.  Communicating within our environment will help set expectations as to what you will be delivering and what you expect those around you to deliver.  Knowing how to communicate properly will allow you to delegate and defer more naturally helping you to get more done with a little help from your friends. CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTEXT…


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