stay focusedSuccess Has to be Continuous

Success may come easy to some and it may be hard work for others.  When you achieve it, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.  What you do after you have made accomplishments matters.  Maintaining the success at the level you have achieved it takes work. It’s all about seizing the moment. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you maximize your success.

  1. Do what you love.  Is your current profession a passion or is it just a job?  Usually when people do something they love, more work and emphasis is put into it.  The end result has a bigger and better outcome when you care.  Be sure to create a balance when pursuing your passion. Chase the part or your dream that is aligned with your strengths. By aligning your passion with your strengths you will maximize your success.
  2. Do what you are good at.  We all have many hobbies, but we may not be the best at them. Here is where you can align what you love with what you are good at.  Let’s say you are a writer but you love to play sports.  When you put the two together, you win.  Sports writing can keep you around what you are passionate about and profiting from what you are good at doing.  To help you find the right combination ask yourself a few questions, in this order:
        • What do I like to do? 
        • What do people commend me for?
        • What problem do people often ask me to solve?
        • Where do I continue to progress?
  3. Recognize your opportunities.  Once you have “arrived”, you must put in the work to continue your success.  There are opportunities all around you.  It is time to expand your networking base.  When you go to events make sure to subtly include your success in your pitch.  Give yourself credibility. My name is John Doe. I am a featured sports writer for the XXX website and XXX magazine.  I hope to connect with more people while here. Notice the word “featured” – subtle but powerful.  When people ask your opinion about your field of work, take advantage of the situation.  Help them with their needs and encourage them to call on you with any questions regarding your expertise at anytime.  Follow up with them afterwards to see how your advice worked for them.  Stay connected through phone calls and social media.

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